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"My music is the soundtrack to the lives of the women who run the world." ~LBK

Letter from Lundon Dabridge Knighten:

Correction!!!  Letter from a singer understood... NOW!!!

    Its funny how sometimes in life, we have to go through the hardships of defeat to really value our life's victories.  Not too long ago I felt like the underdog.  Not too long ago I felt overlooked.  After a consistent segment of "The NO Show," playing over and over in my mind where I played the role of Unsigned Hype/ Goto Songwriter fawning my record executive friends and associates... begging to be looked at not only as Lundon Knighten the songwriter but Lundon "Dabridge" Knighten THE ENTERTAINER I decided not only was I gonna make them see the light, but I was going to apply all of the critique I had acquired over the years to my life to do so.  So after I number one... put the cookies and pies down and hit the gym (I Kickbox), number two... realized that I am BLESSED and that it's not necessarily ME per say, that I am talented enough, pretty enough, and smart enough to push through this funk that I'm in, and three... LET GO AND LET GOD I finally saw in myself that same light that I wanted the others to see  in me and I realized I am a child of GOD and he will do what HE wants WHEN HE WANTS! If you aren't a full dose of "crazy" you cant do the same thing, the same way, expecting different results! What ever you're doing  will end up the exact, annoying same, yielding little to none of the extraordinary results you calculated in your head time and time again.  As an alternative do the different you've wanted to do, be as fancy as you are, live, speak, and write the life you've always imagined living along with some alternative routes on how to get there. Travel the road less traveled, the route in which GOD wants you to take and walk BOLDLY.  Jesus has blessed me to have a number one record, multiple singles and features on the charts, accolades, and best of all a new sense of self! How powerful are you as a child of GOD?   Warning this letter may change lives!!! LOL :)

One Love,


Cosmopolitan Magazine feature

Check me out in Cosmopolitan Magazine!!! "Yesssss Cosmopolitan Mag, give me that GOLD!!! LOL :)

xoxo ~LBK

Singer Lundon Knighten Cosmopolitan Magazine

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